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SPiN Planning® Laptop Workstation

Comprehensive Procedure Planning System

PulmonologyThoracic Surgery

Designed to streamline workflow and provide optimal airway pathway information to target peripheral pulmonary nodules. The SPiN Planning® software uses inspiration and expiration CT scans to create a dynamic 3D roadmap to the target. It allows physicians the option to segment airways, nodules, and vasculature, see relevant nodule statistics, customize their views, and more.
The virtual pathway and plan review allow the user to review and virtually follow the selected pathway to lesions prior to the procedure. It thus represents an ideal cost-effective solution for planning complex bronchoscopic sampling procedures.

  • Exceptional 3D map based on our Inspiration/Expiration CT Scan Protocol
  • Determines the optimal pathway to the targeted lesion
  • Provides confidence to target small, difficult-to-reach peripheral lesions.

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