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Celon ProSleep Plus

Radiofrequency Ablation Device

Ear, Nose, Throat

Combined with the intelligent power control unit, CELON ELITE, the CelonProSleep plus radiofrequency ablation device is a bipolar applicator that can be used for minimally invasive impedance-controlled tissue ablation when treating tonsil hypertrophy, snoring, and mild sleep apnea during obstructivesleep apnea, uvulopalatoplasty, and snoring surgery.

  • Design for Ergonomic Treatment
    Curved applicator makes the soft palate, palatine tonsils, and tongue base easy to reach.
    Blue insulation tube indicates depth of insertion.
  • Control.
  • Low risk of bleeding.
  • Simplicity.
  • Convenience.
  • Time saving.
  • Benefits for patients.

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