The Next-Generation
Operating Room

EASYSUITE - A Hospital-Wide Solution

Innovate to Simplify Connections

nCare & VaultStream

Secure, Intuitive, Anywhere
Olympus has expanded its expertise and portfolio with an easy to use, secure and reliable networked recorder and a cutting-edge medical content management solution. Olympus has made the visualization and integration of health care environments simple and intuitive. The technology integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, connecting health care teams and enabling them to focus on delivering outstanding patient care now and with changing demands in the future.

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Beyond the Limitations of OR Walls
A virtual presence clinical collaboration solution that enables teams to quickly bring needed expertise into a procedure room from across the organization, around the world and at any time.

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Raise Your Hospital Standards
The next-generation OR Integration platform EASYSUITE offers efficient multidisciplinary collaboration through scalable video-over-IP routing of uncompressed 3D/4K video signals, hospital-wide image management and virtual collaboration.

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Centralized Medical Control (UCES-4)

Simplify Your Procedure Room Workflow
Olympus aims to solve its customers’ challenges by delivering solutions that may help improve outcomes, maximize efficiency, and optimize productivity. This may be achieved through the intuitive workflow-oriented user interface of UCES-4.

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