Transporting medical flexible endoscopes from the examination room to the reprocessing department and back is an everyday process. Safe transport of endoscopes along this route is an essential part of the reprocessing cycle. Our ETS Plus and PROTECH endoscope transportation solutions help you to master this task.

Your Challenge — Our Solution

Endoscopes with their sensitive distal tips are very delicate medical devices that can be damaged very easily. The risk of damage is particularly high during improper transportation. Broken lenses, kinks in the insertion tube etc. pose a risk for nosocomial infections for patients. Therefore, Olympus offers a comprehensive solution for safe transport of medical flexible endoscopes.

Increase patient safety

… by avoiding recontamination and damage of endoscopes.

Optimal asset protection

… during transportation.

Simple and safe usage

… ensures high process quality at all stages.

Minimize risk of procedure delays

… by optimizing endoscope transportation.

ETS Plus

Navigate up to six medical flexible endoscopes easily and swiftly between the examination room, the reprocessing area and the storage area. The ETS Plus is your endoscope transportation solution, specifically designed for the protection of your medical flexible endoscopes with ergonomic handling and hygienic safety in mind. You can combine the ETS Plus with our PROTECH endoscope tip protector, for even more assurance for your patients, staff, and valuable assets.

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A simple, safe and highly effective solution for protecting the delicate optics in the distal tip of the endoscope. From bronchoscopes to endoscopic ultrasound devices, our different PROTECH sizes help you to keep all types of endoscope distal ends secure.

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