Automated Reprocessing

Medical flexible endoscopes are used repeatedly, which means rigorous cleaning and disinfection after every procedure is required to prevent cross contamination. Our ETD washer disinfectors and PAA and GA process chemistry deliver efficient and reliable results.

Your Challenge — Our Solution

Efficient endoscope reprocessing aims at keeping patients and staff safe while ensuring that endoscopic procedures can be performed on time. Olympus works together with you to reach your individual goals by providing tailored automated reprocessing solutions. Our ETD machines and process chemistry focus on infection prevention and hygienic results at the highest level and comply with all relevant international and European standards. Profit from the seamless integration of our ETD portfolio into your endoscope reprocessing workflow based on our expertise in designing and manufacturing medical flexible endoscopes. Olympus is your long-term partner: from finding the right solution for your operations to securing a high level of uptime by providing dedicated installation and service solutions and professional user trainings.

Secure patient safety

… through tested and validated cleaning and disinfection processes according to ISO 15883.

Optimize your reprocessing workflow

… thanks to safe and user-friendly handling of ETDs and process chemistries.

Increase availability of your endoscopes

… by taking advantage of our excellent material compatibility and efficient systematic Olympus approach to endoscope reprocessing, including our comprehensive documentation, drying and storage options.

Ensure high uptime and asset security

… with the help of our outstanding service network and portfolio.

ETD Double

Create a physical separation between the dirty and clean side of your reprocessing area by choosing our ETD Double pass-through endoscope washer disinfector . Meeting the requirements of your busy endoscopy unit, our ETD Double can reprocess up to three medical flexible endoscopes simultaneously. The loading of baskets and rapid and easy connection of up to seven channels per endoscope can be done entirely outside of the ETD Double. No additional manual connections inside of the washer disinfector are needed, speeding up your workflow significantly.

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ETD Basic and ETD Premium

The Olympus ETD delivers exceptional hygiene standards, ensuring high-quality patient safety. With individual blockage detection for each endoscope channel (ETD Premium) and innovative cleaning technology, the ETD reprocesses up to two medical flexible endoscopes in 29 minutes at the same time. The universally suitable baskets allow for convenient (un-)loading outside of the machine while the touch-free coupling of the endoscope adapter plate to the machine ensures that no manual steps need to be taken inside the washing chamber before the start or finalization of a reprocessing cycle.

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ETD Mini

Our small and powerful ETD Mini endoscope washer disinfector is specifically designed for smaller endoscopy units or those requiring high flexibility. It offers you a process time of 20 minutes, allowing you to perform more endoscopies per day. Furthermore, the asynchronous reprocessing concept and quick and safe endoscope channel connections outside of the machine help you to optimize your endoscope reprocessing workflow according to your needs. 

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Hygiene and Reprocessing Information Required?

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