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Quality and Safety

Increasing demands on hospital hygiene fueled by discussions on multiresistant pathogens have made medical endoscope reprocessing a central focus for clinical quality management.

The Complete Approach
For over 30 years, Olympus has been the leading supplier that combines expertise in the fields of endoscope design, high-performance process chemistry, and efficient flushing technology to form a comprehensive product system. For Olympus, holistic hygienic solutions, thorough treatment-related data recording, and easy-to-understand handling and operating concepts are daily practices.

Olympus reprocessing products not only meet the latest international hygiene standards but also offer economic benefits.

High Safety Standards Confirmed
Ensuring patient safety is paramount; therefore, Olympus not only relies on its own experience but also cooperates with experts from specialist areas. Independent test laboratories confirm that Olympus products meet high safety standards and current normative requirements and that they provide sustainable performance.

Olympus – the partner for efficient, safe endoscope reprocessing!

Complete Workflow Solution

Olympus offers the full range of products which are needed for reliable and sophisticated endoscope reprocessing. This includes a variety of ETD washer disinfectors for endoscope reprocessing and EDC Plus for drying and storage purposes. ETD System products typically come with all accessories. Olympus offers quick and effective Service Solutions prepared for the full range of maintenance and validation activities. This improves uptimes of all Olympus products in the reprocessing workflow.

Reprocessing Workflow: Priority to Endoscope Hygiene and Patient Safety

Precleaning and Manual Cleaning

The precleaning of endoscopes begins immediately after removal of the insertion tube from the patient, while the endoscope is still connected to the light source. The goal is to prevent organic material and chemical residues sticking onto the endoscope. After that the endoscope can be transported to the reprocessing room, where the manual cleaning is the next step. Please refer to your endoscope reprocessing manual for a detailed description of the precleaning and manual cleaning procedure.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Endoscopes are used repeatedly, which means rigorous cleaning and disinfection after every procedure is required to prevent cross-contamination. Our washer disinfectors deliver efficient and reliable results.

ETD Mini
ETD Double
Olympus Process Chemistry

Drying and Storage

Optimal drying and storage of endoscopes is of high importance in an endoscopy workflow. It is crucial to thoroughly dry an endoscope to prevent the growth of microorganisms resulting from moisture. A safe storage prevents the endoscopes from becoming contaminated. Learn more about our drying and storage solution.

EDC Plus


Our transport solution allows damage-proof transportation between examination and reprocessing room of your reprocessed ready-to-use endoscope or of used, contaminated endoscopes. Learn more about our transport product.

ETS Plus

Traceability and Documentation

For Olympus, patient safety always comes first. It is at the center of all the company's activities. For this reason, the recording of data relevant to the reprocessing of Olympus endoscopes is only a first step. In order to ensure that endoscopes conform to current international hygiene standards, all reprocessing data must be linked to patient information. To eliminate data loss and connection errors, a uniform documentation system is indispensable.

Hygiene and Reprocessing Information Required?

Contact our experts and we will get in touch with you to answer your questions or learn more about the complete workflow solution.

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“The Olympus CDS product concept offers me the full lineup of products that I need within my endoscopy unit. ETD4 and EDC Plus support me and my staff to achieve an optimized workflow. Hence, my focus can remain on taking care of patients and performing endoscopies!”

Dr. Stephán Suchanek
Division of Gastroenterology,
Military University Hospital
Prague, Czech Republic

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